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This section of the website is the result of research conducted as part of a project funded by a Joan Lewin Bursary from the Historical Association.


Bronze Age artefacts on Bingley Moor. Article from the Telegraph and Argus about Bronze Age markings on Bingley Moor.

Bradford in the Middle Ages

The History of Bolling Hall. Tracks the ownership of Bolling Hall from Domesday Book through to the Civil Wars. Also recounts the story of the Ghost of Bolling Hall.

Archived materials relating to Cottingley.

Bradford Cathedral has a history dating back to at least the Norman Invasion. This page of their site traces the development of the Parish Church from 1066 onwards.

Shipley History. The history of Shipley in the Middle Ages.

Bradford Timeline. Entry for the period 1066 to 1699.

Bradford during the Tudor era

Shipley History. The history of Shipley in the 16th to 18th centuries.

Bradford Timeline. Entry for the period 1066 to 1699.

Bradford in the era of the English Civil Wars - detailed site that covers the whole of the Civil War period. Places local events firmly within the context of regional and national events.

Bolling Hall, 360. Shows the Warm Kitchen in Bolling Hall as it would have appeared in the period after the Civil Wars.

Bradford Timeline. Entry for the period 1066 to 1699.

Civil War in Bradford. An old, and in need of improving, page on this site which provides a simple overview of events in Bradford at the time of the Civil Wars.


Industrialisation in and around Bradford

Public Health in and around Bradford. This sites timeline of Public Health measures during the Industrial Revolution. The timeline draws heavily on local examples alongside national events.

Occupations in Eighteenth Century Bradford. A very detailed look at the way in which occupations in Bradford changed over the course of the eighteenth century.

Textiles and Society, 1880-1920. Detailed article about Textiles and Politics in Bradford.

A sense of Death! Smallpox was a reccuring killer in Bradford. This article looks at cases in the 19th century.

The life and times of Frederick Delius. Although this site tracks the life and times of one man, it provides a lot of information about Bradford at the time and the way in which Industry was developing.

West Yorkshire and the Slave Trade - research document created as part of planning for the teaching of the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

An awowedly repugnant trade. The BBC's write up about the Slave Trade and West Yorkshire.

Bradford Timeline. Entry for the eighteenth century.

Bradford Timeline. Entry for 1800-1849.

Bradford Timeline. Entry for 1850-1899.

The Leeds - Liverpool Canal. Timeline of the development of the canal, incorporating details of the Bradford Canal.

Late Victorian / Edwardian Bradford

Foundation of the Independent Labour Party. The ILP, a forerunner of the modern Labour party, happened at a conference held in Bradford, in 1893.

Bradford Timeline. Entry for 1900-1949

The Bradford Exhibition, 1904. In 1904 local businessmen organised a major exhibition to showcase the goods produced in the area. The exhibition included many state of the art amusement rides.

A Brief history of Transport in Bradford. This site provides a short account of the various forms of public transport that have been operated in the Bradford District.

Electric Tramrides in Forster Square. From the Mitchell and kenyon film collection.

Shipley Glen Tramway.

Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. Buffalo Bill brought his famous show to the area in 1903, performing at Thornbury and in Keighley.

Horse Drawn Bus Services end. In 1904 Horse Drawn buses, like the one seen on the page that I have linked to, were withdrawn from service in Bradford.

Lilian Armitage - Bradfordian who became a leading Suffragette.

Keighley Police Museum and Archive. Keighley's new Civic Centre includes a museum of Policing that incorporates archives and numerous artefacts.


The Great War

Bradford at the time of the Great War - reference document based on reading of numerous books and webpages about the impac tof the Great War on Bradford.

The Bradford Pals. Bradford Library Service hosts an e-book and a range of Oral History interviews with members of the Bradford Pals, recorded in the 1980's.

Wartime textiles production and exports. New York Times article from 1917 about production levels in Bradford and the quantity being exported to the United States.

Arthur Poulter. Local recipient of the Victoria Cross.

Bill Chafer. Local recipient of the Victoria Cross.

George Sanders. Local recipient of the Victoria Cross.

The Low Moor Explosion. Overview of the events of 21st August, 1916. Click here for a more detailed / academic account.

Men of Worth Project. Extensive information about the men of the Worth Valley who served in the forces during the First and Second world wars.


Inter-War Bradford

Bradford in the Second World War

Keighley in the Second World War. An excellent 15 minute documentary film about Wartime Keighley.

Bradford Libraries. An extensive contribution to the BBC wartime memories collection. The following are articles from this archive:

Childhood War

Clothes, Rationing and other things

Schooldays in war

Childhood in Bradford, 1940

Peoples War: West Yorkshire in WW2. An overview of the Home Front in West Yorkshire in the Second World War.

Post War Bradford

Regional: - excellent website covering many aspects of the History of Leeds.



The Jews of Bradford. Interesting article outlining the development and significance of the Jewish community in Bradford.

A man called Schmitt. The Little Germany area of Bradford is explored.

The life and times of Frederick Delius. The story of the famous composer. Of German stock, but Bradford born and bred.

Destination Bradford: The Irish. Brief summary of the migration of irish workers to Bradford from the 1840's onwards.

Destination Bradford: Central and Eastern European. Brief summary of the migration of many central and eastern europeans to Bradford in the period imediately following the Second World War.

Destination Bradford: African-Caribbean and Asian. Traces the economic reasons for post war migration and the economic changes that saw short term working visits change to permanent residency in the area.

Destination Bradford: European Merchants. Looks at the reasons for traders from around Europe settling in and around Bradford and considers their influence on the city as it developed during the Industrial Revolution.

Destination Bradford: Oral History. Selection of text based comments and audio files outlining a range of responses to migration to Bradford.

Sports and leisure

Odsal Past Times. A new web site resulting from a fascinating project looking at the varied uses of Odsal Stadium over the years.

Rugby League Heritage project. A Pictoral history of Bradford Northern / Bradford Bulls.

The History of Cinema in Bradford. A very detailed site that tracks the development and decline of Cinemas in and around Bradford.

History of Bradford City FC - the BantamsPast website offers an incredible look at the development of football in Bradford and the impact of sports in general on this area.

History of Bradford (Park Avenue) FC. From Wikipedia.

History of Bradford Bulls RLFC

History of Yorkshire County Cricket Club


Virtual Time Capsule - Lost Bradford. Selection of photographs from around the city.

Maps of Bradford and surrounding Manors.


Keighley and District Local History Society Blog

Keighley History - website and archives.

Our Lady of Victories - Hidden Keighley

Telegraph and argues - Hidden Keighley

St Anne's School - Hidden Keighley

Keighley and District Local History Society - Forum

Doncaster Humanities project. Numerous resources available here.

The Historical Association: THIS ISSUE’S PROBLEM: Lucy Hutchinson is finding it difficult to teach local history well. Now her new mentor has asked her to plan a local history dimension into the 1750-1900 scheme of work.

The HIstorical Association: How can we plan to integrate local history into Key Stage 3 schemes of work so that pupils are engaged by the relevance of the subject across different periods of time?

The Historical Association: Relevant, rigorous and revisited: using local history to make meaning of historical significance

The Historical Association: How can your new GCSE courses for September make use of the free resources, artefacts and images that our local and national museums house?

The Historical Association: Putting life into history: how pupils can use oral history to become critical historians

The Historical Association: Lez Smart outlines exciting new developments in digitalisation of maps which could transform pupils' work on continuity and change, on diversity of society, on local history and much more.

The Second World War experience centre

The Merchant Navy Association

The Cricketing Heritage of Calderdale & Kirklees

A Vision of Britain through time

Sport in Past Times

From Weaver to Web

The Halifax Antiquarian Society

War Memorial Tribute.

Calderdale Suffragettes

West Yorkshire Police Roll of Honour

Rebel Girls. Review of Jill Liddington's book abou the Suffragettes of Yorkshire.

Women's History in West Yorkshire

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