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D Day landing beaches.

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 ddaytank2.JPG (33249 bytes)  ddaytank.JPG (32756 bytes)  viewofarromanches2.JPG (29165 bytes)
Tank used at Arromanches on D Day Alternative view of the tank used at Arromanches on D Day Modern day view of the beaches at Arromanches, scene of one of the D Day landings.
 mulberryharbour2.JPG (31213 bytes)  mulberryharbour.JPG (18418 bytes)  viewofarromanches.JPG (35712 bytes)
Remains of the Mulberry Harbour at Arromanches Remains of the blocks used in the construction of the mulberry Harbour at Arromanches Alternative view of the harbour at Arromanches
 omahabeach.JPG (22328 bytes)  abovearromanches.JPG (16989 bytes)  ddaygun2.JPG (46320 bytes)
View from above Omaha beach Pill Box above the village of Arromanches Gun used on the beaches on D Day
 arromanche.JPG (19390 bytes)  bunker.JPG (37378 bytes)  insidethebattery2.JPG (21284 bytes)
Remains of the Mulberry harbour in Arromanches harbour Frontal view of a German Bunker at Longues sur mur Inside a German gun position
 viewfromguns.JPG (23657 bytes)  gunbattery3.JPG (20206 bytes)  gunbattery2.JPG (23341 bytes)
View from Bunkers at Longues sur Mur Modern image of the bunkers at Longues Sur mur Close up picture of German guns at Longues sur Mur
 longuesurmur.JPG (23341 bytes)  longuessurmur.JPG (30195 bytes)  insidegunbattery.JPG (13433 bytes)
Alternative view of German gun battery at Longues sur mur Excellent image showing how well hidden and defended the bunkers at Longues sur Mur really were. Inside a German gun battery
 viewfromlonguessurmur.JPG (29717 bytes)  dday15.jpg (29541 bytes)  dday20.jpg (41032 bytes)
View of the landing sites from the Gun Battery at Longues sur Mur    
 dday21.jpg (28895 bytes)  dday5.jpg (17398 bytes)  dday6.jpg (17058 bytes)
 dday8.jpg (27936 bytes)  dday9.jpg (23397 bytes)  ddaybunker10.jpg (44445 bytes)
 ddaybunker11.jpg (41599 bytes)  ddaybunker12.jpg (36984 bytes)  mulberry13.jpg (31699 bytes)
 mulberry14.jpg (24006 bytes)  tank16.jpg (25083 bytes)  tank17.jpg (30764 bytes)
 tank18.jpg (29638 bytes)  tank19.jpg (24433 bytes)  tank22.jpg (24863 bytes)
bridge23.jpg (23396 bytes) bridge25.jpg (22807 bytes) bridge26.jpg (27306 bytes)
 dday21.jpg (28895 bytes)
Juno Beach.jpg (1271322 bytes) AtlanticWall.jpg (18375 bytes) bunker.jpg (18573 bytes)
German_defences_drawing.gif (4495 bytes) readyandwaiting.gif (32062 bytes)


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