Gifted and Talented Students



Provision for the more able student in any classroom brings with it a number of problems. Are these individuals catered for effectively? How does this affect the quality of teaching for other students? How much time does preparation for this minority take? Effective provision for such students ought to be practical bearing in mind the constraints of time, and the demands of the National Curriculum. Likewise, this provision can act as a stimulant to students providing them with realistic challenges and access to resources that they otherwise may not use. In practical terms a policy on Gifted and Talented can raise the status of a department and make the subject more 'sellable to students' as effective provision makes good use of a wide variety of strategies and resources, makes regular use of Key Skills and promotes citizenship through enrichment and extension of the more able student. In short, it offers students opportunities and provides a goal for all students to aim for.


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Introduction,Defintions and Identification of Gifted and Talented Students,Characteristics of effective provision in the subject,Ideas for classroom provision,Withdrawal groups,Differentiating by task,Enrichment,Conclusions


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